Strengthen customer loyalty and increase your sales:

  • Show your customers that you value them and create loyalty campaigns for them, in addition to your great services and products.
  • Although punched or stamped cards are the classic solution for customer loyalty, they often get lost and forgotten. Instead, a loyalty application provides a more convenient and engaging experience for your customers.

The importance of customer loyalty in brand relationships

76% of customers believe that loyalty programs are important for building long-term relationships with brands.

The impact of loyalty campaigns on customer return

69% of customers said that loyalty programs bring them back to the restaurant again.

The effect of loyalty programs on increasing customer spending

49% of customers said they spend more after joining a loyalty program.

Why Letstamp?

Start for free

Create your own loyalty campaigns in your business without hardware and installation costs. Try it free for 7 days.

Increases your earnings

Loyalty programs can increase your earnings by up to 13%. It also allows you to reach customers who come to your business.

Increase customer loyalty

Turn your customers into loyal customers by running regular campaigns.

Multiple Branch Management

If you have more than one branch, easily manage, report and scale your campaigns on a per branch basis.

Know your customers well

Müşterilerinizi segmente ederek onları tanıyın ve onlara özel sadakat kampanyaları oluşturun.

No integration needed

No integration is required to use Letstamp. Get started right away with quick and easy installation.

Detailed reporting

Letstamp enables you to make data-driven decisions by analyzing customer behavior and your loyalty program performance.

Easy to use

Manage your customers' stamps and awards in seconds with easy installation and simple user interface. You can control it from both computer and phone.

How it works?

Complete the Membership Form

First, click on the Become a Partner link and fill out the partner membership form.

Complete Onboarding

Complete your onboarding by following the instructions.

Create Your Stamp Card

Create your own digital stamp card in detail, customized for your business.

Share Your Campaigns

Inform your customers about your campaigns. If you wish, you can place QR codes specific to your business on your tables.

Stamp and Reward

Now, after shopping, have your customers stamp their digital cards and redeem their rewards.

One platform for all businesses

Eating and drinking


Coffee Shops


and more

Sample Campaigns

Gift Drink

Gift Food

Discount Coupon

or any campaign you desire

Other Businesses

Beauty Salons


Car Washes

and more

Sample Campaigns

Discount Coupons

Gift Products

Gift Services

or any campaign you desire

Chef izakaya
Campus Coffee

Looking for something more advanced?


With Foodie, you can create a custom mobile app for your restaurant and receive orders directly from your customers through this app.

Additionally, you can organize more advanced loyalty campaigns than Letstamp to increase customer loyalty.

This infrastructure not only helps your customers build a stronger bond with your restaurant but also gives you the opportunity to manage customer relationships more effectively. For more information, visit the Foodie website.

Who are we?

Letstamp is a digital loyalty card application designed to be used in many businesses such as restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, courses, and car washes. We developed the Letstamp application with the aim of increasing customer loyalty and enabling businesses to reach their customers again.

We, Mavigen software company, started in Istanbul in 2009. Additionally, we continue as the 63rd graduates of Startup Wise Guys, one of Europe's largest venture programs in 2023...

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